Figuring Out Motivation

Importance of Pain in Growth

As human beings, we seek growth. There are so many ways you shall see this growth. There is a link between that growth and the meaning of life. There is more to growth than the physical aspects we can witness. It takes into account the emotional, mental, and spiritual changes. A common denominator to such growth is pain. Pain normally accompanies the change that is necessary for growth to happen. You will gain so much when you understand what pain does.

Pain is what motivates people to choose. The kind of choices we make at such critical moments define what direction our lives will take. When you op to stay away from the impending changes, and not to feel that pain, you will remain the same. But those who opt to go though it emerges anew at the end. You can see this in your relationship with someone who misleads you, no matter how fun they are. But if you stayed in that relationship, you may never have advanced, seeing as it was toxic and draining of your energy.

You will also not shy away from seeking help. Failing or going through something tough tends to humble someone. You shall start looking at things differently. You will begin to appreciate others and not just think of them as competition. They shall, therefore, find it easier to ask for help where they are overwhelmed. They will learn to share and also lend a helping hand. There shall also be honor developed, where one sees the need to do their best, not the need to put others down to become number one in the process. When you ask for help you are not being weak, but rather, you are strong enough to know when it is needed.

Pain brings with it the opportunity for new ways of tackling problems to be formed. Tough times force you to look at your situation differently, and to see where you can make changes to find solutions. You will begin to see ways out you had not thought of before. Your imagination will stretch to touch on areas you would otherwise have never bothered with. You will reach the highest levels when you turn from focusing on surviving through the pain, to directing that pain towards something worthwhile.

Pain will also be what keeps your experiences fresh. We tend to hold on to the lessons that experience teaches us. We learn what to do and what not to do when we go through an experience. You can then refer to such lessons when you keep in mind what pain you went through. You shall take the time to fear less and take in more. You will also realize a larger capacity to do more than before.

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