Fire Safety Tips for Business Owners

Fire Safety Tips for Business Owners

Experiencing a fire is dangerous event, and even with the best of intentions, accidents that lead to fires can occur. Having an early warning system such as fire alarms is one way to keep occupants of the building safe from harm, but having a fire suppression system can help limit property damage. The fire protection companies California business owners recommend have experience with the constant threat of rampant wildfires but also the every day risks associated with operations.

Specific Requirements

Because of the data revealing the number of commercial fires that occur each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has outlined best practices for safety procedures. They have also established standards for building construction that deal with fire prevention, construction materials, communication systems, and other areas of fire suppression. Small businesses and other organizations can also use their website to access evacuation plans and materials to help train and organize employees if an evacuation of the building is necessary.

Fire Suppression

In the event of fire, a sprinkler system will be the first line of defense in trying to keep it from spreading. In addition to a facility-wide feature, individual fire extinguishers should be located throughout the building. Employee break rooms or kitchens should always include an extinguisher. Employees should also be trained pn how to use the device, as well as the different types of fires that it can be used on.

Fire Communication

Many commercial buildings have their fire alarms hardwired into a communication system that alerts local authorities and the fire department. If this isn’t case, be sure you have a plan for notifying the local responders and alerting your employees of a fire. Practicing fire drills and posting the fire exits and routes are ways to help keep employees calm during an incident.

Without proper planning and careful training, a building fire is a catastrophic event that can result in injury, property damage, and even loss of life. Be sure your fire safety plan is up to date and all equipment and systems are working properly.