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What to Look for in Crabs

Preparing crabs is not the hardest part, however choosing the types to cook seems to be hectic. If you are finding it hard choosing crabs, the following guide will assist you in choosing the best one for your family. Getting crabs at the ocean require skills, however, if you are finding it hard getting them, the best option is to buy them at the seafood vendors.

When you decide to buy crabs from seafood outlets, it is vital to check where they are kept. It is a good idea for people looking for crabs to consider buying those kept in dry places. Buying those stored in water tanks is not ideal since they tend to use up more energy and lose their reserves more quickly. When a crab stays for more than two days at the store without being dried, it will start to lose its delicious taste. Therefore to ensure that you are getting the best crabs that are still fresh, it is important to ask the seller when the crabs were caught.

In addition, buyers need to check the crabs’ activity level. To ensure that you are getting something fresh, consider buying live crabs. You wont like the scent of a dead crab, as a result, consider buying crabs that are still alive.

When buying crabs, dont forget to check their claws. A full-grown crab will have bigger claws. When buying crabs, it is important to choose the gender you want. The factor that differentiates males crabs form the female counterparts is the T shaped apron like structure in that the male ones have a narrow apron while the female counterparts have a wide apron. When you want male crabs, check for those with blue claws, besides, those who want female ones need to consider buying those with red-tipped claws.

It is also vital to choose crabs according to their size. One can choose from a wide range of sizes including small, medium to larger ones. Some crab dealers tend to classify crabs according to numbers including number one, two and three. When crabs are classified in number, number one refers to the largest, heaviest males, number two are smaller males while number three is the smallest crabs.

Furthermore, when buying crabs to prepare at home, make sure that they are of the legal size. Different states have regulations that determine the size of crabs beyond which they should not be taken from their natural habitat.

It is vital to know the taste and preference of your audience before buying crabs. Since you will be preparing crabs for your audience, it is vital to consider getting crabs that will best meet their needs. For instance, if you want to prepare crabs for your kids, it is vital to get something that is easy for them to chew.

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