Jobs for People Who Love Driving

Tired of sitting behind a desk? Want to get out from beyond your four walls and hit the road? Whether you want to pursue employment on a rig as a full-time gig or supplement your income shuttling others, there are, at least at the moment, more ways to make some dollars driving than ever.

Traditional Driving Duties

If you’re serious about the highway life, look for truck driving jobs hauling grain or other commodities from one end of the country to the other. Bus drivers are also necessary members of the road-riding employment pool, conveying schoolchildren or commuters to their daily destinations and back home again afterward. As a chauffeur, you might do the same dropping off and picking up, but for the high and mighty in a super-classy ride.

Modern Variations

You can also do that transporting in your very own car as a driver for newfangled ride-sharing services that summon you via smartphone. Grocery delivery services also depend on civilians to gather up purchases and bring home the bacon to shoppers who’ve ordered online. Sign on with a chore-completing service, and you may be driving around town running errands for others or delivering non-drivers to appointments.

Charitable Endeavors

Not all driving opportunities may pay, but as long as you’re behind a wheel, it’s all good, right? Volunteer to be the carpool driver for your coworkers. Check with a local food bank to see if they need someone to drive around picking up donations. Honestly, if the biggest driving job you do is transporting your kids to and from school and games and activities, put on a chauffeur cap and own your occupation.

One day, human driving jobs may be eliminated by self-driving cars and trucks. So get that four-wheeled work while you can, and enjoy having your office on the open road.