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Reasons of Going to Church

Are you going to church regularly and don’t know the reason why? Many people today no longer care about going to church. It is a family tradition that makes many people go to church. There are many people who claim to be Christians but never go to church. Some people think that if they regularly sit in church, then they are already Christians. What makes it necessary to go to church? And what are its benefits? What can we get attending church services Sunday after Sunday? The discussion below will focus on why we should go to church and its many benefits.

The first reason why we should go to church is that it is commanded by God in the Bible. Forsaking the assembly is something that God forbids in the Bible and so we should obey this command. Since God has made 7 days in a week, one day is to be allotted for rest from worldly labors to fully devote to rest in the Lord. And this means one day out of seven should be devoted to whole-hearted, undistracted time of worshipping God. God is only to be worshipped because He is our Creator and Redeemer.

Another reason or benefit of going to church is that you hear the Word of God preached. The reason why many people don’t believe in a God is because they have not really heard what the Bible says. If one does not hear the Word of God, one cannot believe in it. God can make a person believe in Him only be hearing His Word. Regularly hearing the Word preached can help true believers deepen their relationship with God. Hearing the Word of God will help you in your daily walk.

There are many other reasons we need to go to church aside from hearing the Word of God. We also go to church to be with fellow Christians. If you really want to grow as a Christian, then fellowship is important. Church gives you an opportunity to worship God together with other believers. You can have time after the services to gather and encourage one another. When you are experiencing troubles in your life, then a Christian gathering can be a great help to you. There are many godly brothers and sisters in the faith who can give you godly advice. You can only have this benefit if you go to church regularly. And this is why you should look forward each week to meet your Christian friends to fellowship together and worship the Lord together.

Although we have discussed only a few reasons and benefits of going to church, there are actually a lot more. Find a church near you today and learn about God and experience the His love through the people that worship God together.

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