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How To Do Aircraft Valuation

Aircraft valuation is a very important thing especially when selling your aircraft. To the sellers, aircraft valuation is a very important thing that can help to increase their market by attracting many potential buyers. Aircraft valuation is however not a simple thing that can just be easily done especially when it is your first time to do it. There are several guides for easy aircraft valuation which every seller of an aircraft as well as the buyers should take into account before the valuation process. Below are some of the key things you should always take into consideration for a better and an easy aircraft valuation process.

It is very important to make sure that you know the purpose for aircraft valuation before doing it. Different sellers and buyers of aircrafts do the valuations for different reasons where some do to determine the aircrafts’ insurance policy value and others do it in order to get the market guiding value. Not every appraiser or valuator you will come across can actually be suitable to perform the valuation of your aircraft in the right manner and thus important to ensure that you properly understand the person you hire to do the valuation.

In many aircraft industries across the world, there are standards set to regulate the experience or even the training that one should have in order to perform the aircraft valuation which therefore means that you might end up hiring any person without enough knowledge of how the right aircraft valuation is done and thus the reason why it is always advised to first know who the appraiser is before hiring him or her.

You can know your aircraft valuation appraiser in so many ways some of which are discussed below. By visiting the person to do the valuation for your aircraft and interviewing him or her about the various ways to doing it and some other things related to the aircraft industry can greatly open up your eyes and help you know whether he has the right qualifications and experience for a better aircraft valuation or not. Another great tip for understanding your aircraft valuator is by checking the market database analysis he or she uses. Knowing the various problems that your aircraft might be having can easily enable you have an easier valuation for it which is therefore among the top aircraft valuation tip to consider.

It is very important to be aware of the various factors that might affect the valuation of your aircraft. The installed equipment or the technology inside the aircraft, the engine hours, the airframe hours and the age of the airframe, the damage of the aircraft among other factors can affect its valuation and thus important to keep a maintenance schedule for the aircraft.

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