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Brand Voice – Examples To Learn From

You try with all your might to sound relevant in the internet community with the hopes of creating a following for your brand. It looks so easy breaking the internet and some people didn’t even intend on getting that much attention, but why are yours not getting any at all?

Congratulations to you for coming across this useful guide because it was made exactly for you.

It’s time to look you in the eye and tell you dead straight what you’re missing: a well-established brand voice. Different companies across different industries have their own distinctive brand voice, and you should craft one that suits your audience.

Some of the brands that hit close to home have been doing it so impressively well, and we’ll talk about them in this useful guide. Below are some of the best brand voices out there:

Wendy’s Twitter Account
Wendy’s has been enthroned by the Twitter community as their ruler after a series of hilarious roasts of other brands and even users.

We concur with all of this and in fact, we think Wendy’s remains unbeatable when it comes to tweeting.

The brain behind the brilliant tweets is Amy Brown, the social media coordinator to whom all credit is due.

It all began in the 2nd of January 2017 when Wendy’s tweeted something about their beef being fresh, never frozen.

Suddenly, a Twitter user with the handle @NHride took issue with it and replied that everyone knows their beef is frozen and their slogan “fresh, never frozen” is being laughed at.

Wendy’s continued to conversation saying kindly that they never use frozen meat, and then being told by @NHride that they then must be delivering it on a hot truck.
To make the slightly long story short, the user shot Wendy’s a tweet that elevated McDonald’s, making Wendy’s reply with the unforgettable tweet: “”You don’t have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there”.
From then on, Wendy’s kept on tweeting funny roasts that have been featured across other websites like Buzzfeed.
This useful guide gives to you tip number one: don’t overthink things and be afraid of being slightly off-track for the sake of humor.

The Nike Shoe Company
Nike has been known for its eye-catching ads with athletes wearing their sleek dark-colored clothing. In recent years, Nike upped their game by featuring Colin Kaepernick as the narrator in a commercial, even while he was getting a lot of slack for not standing for the flag to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Nike chose to support Colin even while other companies dropped him.

This is the brand voice of Nike – one that empowers those who are victims of injustice.

This useful guide gives you tip number two: don’t be afraid to use your brand voice to stand up for what you believe in.

And finally, this useful guide’s tip number three: don’t compare your voice to others in your niche, as there’s plenty of room for you.