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the Reasons as To Why We Need To Need Daylight Saving

During summer there is an adopted practice of changing the clock forward with an hour and revert the process during winter. This practice was started in the old days with the aim of using the daylight by having longer nights. It’s a method that was adopted in the aim of saving fuel. Following are the reason why we need to abolish daylight saving.

As mentioned above the main purpose was to save on fuel consumption. The main reason for this was due to the scarcity of the fuel hence the need to save on that available. Also fuel had to be saved due to the challenge of transporting the fuel to different parts. Today, unlike the old days more fuel is been discovered in various parts of the world hence means that fuel availability is no longer a challenge. In modern days technology has advanced which means that the method of processing fuel and transporting has become possible than in ancient days.

Today we find more challenges during dayshift mostly in the transport sector and in hospitals. During time shift it’s a challenge to doctors and nurses to calculate the exact time to administer the nest dose to the patient. This affects the wellbeing of the patients due to either delay or earlier administration of the drug to the patient and also affects healthcare system. This can lead to health deterioration of the patients who are affected by the time shift. Airplane time of departure has to be delayed during time shift. The delays cause a huge loss in revenue due to the delay caused at the departure time.

Another effect of daylight shift is that it affects the normal routines of people including kids. The effect is due to the fact that people experience less sleep caused by short nights. This has a negative effect to the overall performance of the kids especially in school since due to sleeping fewer hours they may feel sleepy during class hours. The same applies to adults since especially when they have to stay awake and wait until they adjust the clock. The fatigue caused by this is that accidents may occur while driving.

During daylight saving more gasoline is used unlike the purpose of it to save fuel consumption. The reason for this is that more people travel in the evenings to spend time with friends and family. This eliminates the need o save fuel since at the end more gasoline is used hence the need to end daylight saving. The article has shown that there is no need to practice daylight saving

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