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Types of Fabric Filters and Their Uses

These are devices that are used for air pollution control that help to sieve particulate matter from a stream of gas by passing dirty air through a layer of cloth. They are superior to electrostatic precipitators as precipitators of a weakness where the performance of varies depending on the process conditions. There are three main types of fabric filters. There are known by their characteristic functionality where each element of the filter system is first and onto our cell plate, also known as a tube sheet, which is located at the top of the bag house. The compressed air can vary in different devices as they can be accelerated through various mechanisms such as nozzles mounted on the blow tube which highly increases the efficiency of the cleaning through the filter. These functionalities therefore make pulse jet to be one of the preferred bag houses. Pulse jet filters have an advantage over shaker and reverse air filters in the sense that the operation can be done continuously while they are being cleaned without an interruption of the flow as no module of the filter needs to be isolated from the gas flow.

This is particularly advantageous in the sense that they can perform the same functions of air control while they are much smaller and cheaper compared to other filters and therefore you can get the same quality using a cheaper option of pulse jet filters. It operates in the sense that dirty gas is channelled from the bottom of the bag house and is conducted through the filter while the dust is able to be collected on the inside of the surface of the bags in the filter. It only takes to clean a mechanical shaker bag house is by shaking the horizontal bar from which the bags are suspended on the below of the baghouse.

The channel of dirty gas is quite unique in this type of filter as it enters the bag house and passes through the bag from the inside where the dust collects the inside of the bags. Filtration has to be stopped in the compartment where cleaning has to be done before another cleansing cycle begins. Reverse airflow is discontinued at the end of the cleansing cycle and the compartment is therefore restored to the mainstream of the filter. The right type of air filter for an industry or for specific environmental control project will vary depending on the individual needs of each of the purposes intended. Hot gas emissions can contain highly risky level of contaminants and pollutants.

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