The Sweet Smell of Business Success

The Sweet Smell of Business Success

Perhaps you are familiar with the delectable taste of a Hershey chocolate bar, or you have once inhaled the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. You would be hard-pressed to find an American who had no memories of a Hershey kiss or a who had never indulged in a Reese’s cup. However, what few people know about Milton Hershey, the famous creator of the world’s most beloved chocolate, is that business success didn’t always favor his ventures.

What You Can Learn Chocolate

Milton Hershey tried and failed at many things before he created the perfect milk chocolate. Much of his success in this area is credited to his commitment to locally sourced but quality ingredients, and the use of a melanguer and steel rollers rather than ribbon blender to grind and mix his chocolate. The final formula includes a lot of patience and a whole lot of muscle. This process was unlike anything chocolatiers had seen in the past, and the ingenuity paid off for Milton. This same idea of patience and hard work can help you become a successful business owner.

Try, Try, Again

Before Milton Hershey become the most famous candy maker in history, he had setbacks and challenges that cost him everything. He even declared bankruptcy shortly after opening his first candy operations. You won’t be successful overnight, but if you are committed to the learning and growing process, you can make great progress toward the goals you envision.

Don’t cheat your way to the top. As Hershey found out, hard work and patience produce great things that withstand the tests of time. Give your current position or job your best effort, and you will develop the character and skills necessary to be recognized as reliable, dedicated, honest, and worth the investment for the long-haul.

The next time you eat a Hershey kiss, let it a source of encouragement that great things can come from the smallest ideas. If Milton Hershey could do it with nothing but a sixth-grade education, you definitely stand a shot at success.