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Importance of Safety Guardrails for Businesses

An essential thing that a business or company should do in order to have a successful running business would be to make sure that customers and employees are safe. Guardrails actually plays a vital role on safety for commercial facilities and there’s a good chance that you never had heard about it before. There are in fact different types of if that are already present in different locations in your workplace.

Having to become familiar on the differences of the different guardrail types and its different applications is usually considered by many as unimportant. If you are however a company owner, becoming well-versed with the expectations of OSHA and its encompassing needs at the workplace can actually help you to avoid getting the violations and fines.

Below are some of the variations of guardrails and its industry applications to help get a more informed decision.

Permanent and Temporary Solutions

The very first thing that you need to consider on the selection of a guardrail type would be in knowing if you need something that can be moved to another area. A permanent guardrail is secured to other structure or objects like a roof or a wall. This then makes it impossible to move it. A temporary option on the other hand is purposely made to not be attached permanently on the surface, making them mobile and just needs little teardown effort.

Deciding whether you need to go for a permanent or temporary guardrail option seems easy, but there are in fact different things that has to be considered at first. One of these things is to know if you will need it for long-term or short-term use.

In case there’s a need for maintenance or safety checks periodically, the decision is going to be up to you and has to be based with how often the checks are going to take place. When its maintenance requirement is just once or twice a year, a temporary guardrail is the best way to go for.


Guardrails actually have a place in every industry. You probably have wondered where they best fit within your facility and to where it is mostly being needed. Below would be some examples:


The retail business also falls to the general industry standards of OSHA and requires drops at 4 feet or above to be protected by some form of guarding system.


Much like the construction industry, any industrial site also has a specific OSHA regulation that has to be followed that includes on the implementation of fall protection system.


A rooftop also have different regulations which applies towards every business, regardless on the type of industry. Your rooftop should not only have a railing system, your skylights needs to be secured as well with guarding screens.

Providing a protection for all your customers and workers is something invaluable. This is the reason why you should opt to have guardrails installed on your building.

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