What to Expect from an Early Learning Center

When sending a little one off to an early learning and child care centre, parents expect the child’s days to be filled with fun experiences, discoveries, and friendships. Starting a child off in a program as a toddler will ensure they are prepared for kindergarten. There are many developmental milestones along the way.

Those that are researching the best day care centres in Edmonton Alberta want to find a place that offers an enriched curriculum. Here are some of the lessons that are important at an early learning centre to prepare a child for a successful future.

Alphabet and Counting

The building blocks of education are reading and math. When a child is in a program, they learn to count and recognize letters through hands-on activities. This also helps to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Logical Sequencing

While attending an early learning centre, children should focus on logical-sequential systems. They are an integral component to developing critical thinking skills later in life. This involves pattern games and puzzles to stimulate the child’s ability to connect related objects and synthesize information.

Learning to Share

Socialization is a critical part of any childcare experience. This is especially important when it comes to making and maintaining healthy friendships. A factor here is learning to share, which also helps a child develop a worldview where they truly consider the thoughts and feelings of others.

Focus & Patience

Every child can learn but, in order to succeed in the classroom, it is important to develop good learning habits. A great child care centre will work to prepare children for school by putting an emphasis on focus and stretching the young attention spans. This will result in the child being able to follow through and complete assignments when entering a traditional school.

Gain Independence

It can be tough to drop children off for the first time at a child care centre. Especially those that are just returning to work after taking some time off to be with their little one. Just remember that, when children adjust to the idea of being away from their parents at an early age, they will be ready to go to school. Those looking for an early learning centre for their child can trust Kepler Academy. Their approach mixes learning through play and an educational curriculum that promotes exploration and discovery. They have three convenient locations.