What To Expect From Your DOT Physical

DOT physicals are designed to comprehensively review your health to ensure fitness for driving and operating commercial vehicles. During the course of the exam, your emotional and mental health are evaluated, as well as your physical fitness. Examiners ask questions about your past and present health and go over the steps you’re currently taking to prevent your future health.

What To Take to the Exam

Before you meet with your dot physical corpus christi tx, provider, prepare the items you should take along. These include an exam form that you’ve filled out, a driver’s license, and any other related certificates and licensing. If you use glasses or hearing aids, be sure to take those along as well. Take your regular medications as usual and provide the appropriate packaging for examiners to review. Drink plenty of fluids in preparation for a urine test, and make sure you have contact information for all of your medical care providers.

Prepare To Answer Truthfully

If this is your first DOT physical, it may help to know what to expect during the appointment. First of all, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. If you aren’t completely honest when answering questions, you could end up in a lot of trouble if you end up in an accident.

Expect Several Types of Tests

Throughout the exam, you may be asked weight-related questions, how much alcohol you consume, and about any medical conditions. You’ll most likely provide a urine sample to test for diabetes and similar medical conditions. In addition to taking a vision test, you’ll complete a “whisper test” or an audiometric test to measure your hearing. Finally, you may also be required to take a hernia test.

Wait for Your Copy of the Test Results

The Department of Transportation requires commercial drivers to complete a DOT physical every two years. The test must be given by a licensed and certified medical examiner, as listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration National Registry. If you successfully pass the exam, the examiner will provide you with a copy of the results, as well as delivering a copy to your employer.