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Tips to Consider When Looking for the Cheap Way to Ship Packages to U.S

Almost every other company is looking for the best and affordable means of shipping packages to US. The size of the package, the distance to be covered and the special handling of the package is what dictates how expensive or cheap the shipment services will be. It’s imperative that you search for the shipping way that will be fit for you. This article includes some important tips that will assist you in finding the cheapest way to ship your package.

The first one is the over 2lbs ground delivery. For the packages that are above 2lbs are more likely to be shipped through the underground ways like the FedEx and UPS. The FedEx is the cheapest way to ship your package if it’s above 2lbs. The dimensional weight will make the two options to be expensive if the package will call for the dimensional weight measurement. Every company has its own way of calculating the dimensional weight. When it comes to dimensional charges the USPS will be the cheapest but you have to make sure that you use small boxes for packaging.

The other tip is for under 2lbs ground delivery. In case your package weighs below 2lbs then you should consider the USPS since it the one with lower charges for the package of less weight.

Then let’s look at the tip 0f flat rates For the package that is within 70lbs and sent through the USPS priority mail it will take up to 3 business day to be delivered. The USPS becomes the better option here because the others take up to 5 days to deliver the package and also in case of FedEx their flat rate is up to a package of up 50lbs with the UPS having no flat rate for you.

If you need the next day services you also have the best option. The USPS the cheapest delivering company for the next day services. This is so despite the many challenges that face you when you choose it including the delay of the product delivery and lack of the company reliability. The USPS can charge you more for the overnight service although you can be assured of money refund is the package doesn’t get delivered in the expected time frame. In case you need fast and reliable package delivery to consider the FedEx and the UPS although they are very costly.

Ensure you check out for discounts, negotiate for the price cuts, and consider your packaging style and also the distance so that you can get the cheapest shipping deals.

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