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Tips for Cleaning Car’s Headlights

One of the things that will make your driving unclear during the night is because the headlights are not clear. Your headlights can get dirty after driving past a swamp of mosquito. Cars coming ahead of you can be giving you signals simply because you are going their ways, and this will be due to poor visibility that is brought about by dirty headlight. Therefore, cleaning the headlights is one of the ways you will maintain your car. When you are thinking of ways in which you will clean your headlights, then you will need to read more here in this article.

Using toothpaste is one of the ways you can use to clean the headlight. The toothpaste is one of the domestic items that you can use to clean your headlights. Even if this method is crazy to you, it will leave the headlight sparkling clean. By using your hand, you should run over the headlight before you initiate cleaning with the toothpaste. It will be possible to clean the headlight with toothpaste when there are bumps on it. Smooth headlights will mean that the fogginess is coming from the inside and alternative methods will be used to clean the headlight. Cleaning the headlight will mean that you remove the layers on the headlight. You will use a toothbrush to scrub after you rub the toothpaste on it. More elbow grease will be used in the cleaning of the headlight that is more yellow and old. To have the headlights sparkling clean, you will need to clean again. After scrubbing, you will need to spay some water on it and clean it. You will then apply some wax, but you will ensure that you let it dry fast. You will need the wax application to prevent the headlight from getting dirty again.

The sandpaper method is also a good idea to clean the headlight. It is important that you clean the car with soap and water before you initiate the scrubbing process. Since you want to block off the headlight from the rest of the car, you will use painters tape. An abrasive headlight will be the right material to be used in cleaning the headlight. After wetting the headlight, you will need to make horizontal strokes. Two things you need to do to avoid scratching the headlight, scrubbing in the same direction and wetting the surface. The process should be repeated with less abrasive sandpapers, but in a different direction. When you first had horizontal strokes, you can use vertical strokes.